Weekly Lawn Care Services and Add-On Yard Care Services Including Spring Clean-Ups, Fall Clean-Ups, Fertilization and Weed Control, Aerating, Overseeding, Landscape Mulch, Sidewalk Edging, Hedge Trimming / Pruning, and Gutter Cleaning

Weekly Lawn Care Service

Weekly Lawn Care Service

We offer affordable and reliable service, allowing you to enjoy your valuable evenings and weekends! Our weekly lawn care service includes:

Complete mowing
Blowing clippings from sidewalks and landscaping
Edging around trees, landscaping, and fences

Spring Clean-Ups

An annual spring clean-up will help to revive your lawn after the dormant winter months. Our professional equipment will help to remove unwanted thatch and lift the packed grass blades. We will remove lawn debris and clean out the landscaping, making your lawn look fresh and ready for the summer.

Spring Yard Clean-Up
Fall Yard Clean-Up

Fall Clean-Ups

Throw down your rake and save your back and shoulders from weeks of pain and discomfort! Schedule your fall clean-up and we will collect and remove the leaf debris for you. We will also blow out debris from your landscaping.

Fertilization and Weed Control

We use the best of professional slow-releasing fertilizer blends to make your lawn lush and green all summer. Our service includes 4 applications throughout the season with complimentary weed spot-spraying with each application. Don't run the risk of burning your lawn from improper handling, let the professionals fertilize for you!  

Fertilization and Weed Control


Lawn aeration is the process of removing small soil plugs or cores from your lawn. When you aerate, it decreases thatch build up, improves the grass rooting systems, enhances the infiltration of rainfall or irrigation and prevents fertilizer and pesticide run-off.

Core aeration is not recommended during the heat of the summer but in spring and fall. Watering the lawn for a few days prior to aerating should supply the water needed to allow the aerating tines to penetrate to their full depth.


Is your lawn looking thin in certain places? Overseeding is a great way to thicken up your healthy yard. It is best done in the late summer or early fall when the milder temperatures and rain are starting to come back. It also gives the grass sufficient time to take hold before the winter arrives.

Landscape Mulch

Landscape Mulch

After a long winter season, your landscaping will look revitalized when fresh mulch is added. A wide variety of mulch types and colors are available. Cedar mulch is a natural insect repellent, a great compliment to any wooded backyard.

Dog owners: Remember to avoid cocoa mulch if you own dogs and if your dog is a chewer, we recommend finely shredded mulch over larger pieces. If a dog ingests large amounts of cedar mulch it can cause irritation.

Whether you need a few bags or a few truckloads, we have the right equipment to get the job done.

Sidewalk Edging

We will give your sidewalk that crisp clean look by cutting back the overgrown grass from the edges of your sidewalk. This gives your yard a neat and finished appearance with excellent curb appeal.

Sidewalk Edging
Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming / Pruning

Don't let your landscaping overshadow your beautiful home! Untrimmed growth will kill leaves beneath and also pull the hedge out of shape so don't let it go too long, let us trim your hedges and keep them under control. Services include the removal and disposal of the trimmings. Typically this is best done in the fall when the summer growth has slowed.

Gutter Cleaning

Are your gutters clogged with leaves from nearby trees? Allow us to clean these out for you and remove the debris so that rainfall flows where it's intended! This should be completed each fall so that snow melting and spring rains can drain properly.

Gutter Cleaning

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